Fungal Nail Laser

Could it be a fungal infection?

If these pictures look familiar, there is something you can do about it. Finding a treatment that works can be difficult. Many products on the market have proven to be quite ineffective for nail fungus. Every day we treat patients feeling terribly embarrassed and frustrated with their unsightly nails, however, treating infected nails is not that difficult. How do we do it? We removal the unsightly infected nail and kill off the fungal infection using a ‘cool’ laser treatment. Its pain free and only takes 40mins. We follow you up in 3-4 weeks to trim and tidy up the nail plates and reapply the laser treatment in full, at the cost a short appointment only. We can also rebuild the nail plates using Kerryflex to return the nails an aesthetic pleasing state as severely damaged nails may take 10 months to grow through.

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How does the Laser affect the fungi pathogens?

  • The infrared laser radiation effects the Mycelium in 2 ways
    • Photoinactivation: damage the fungi cytoplasmatic membrane
    • Heat absorbed in the fungi pigmented cell areas: denatures its enzyme content
  • The laser application also causes a rise in white blood cells count to help your body increase its natural defence of the nail.

Treatment process

The duration of the treatment is directly affected by the size, thickness or deformity of the toenails. Results can take up to 10 months to be seen.



Initial Treatment

Initial Treatment

Laser Follow up (Laser Only)

Laser Follow up + General Treatment

1 nail

F014LT1 $249.00

F012LFU $119.00

F014LFU $155.00

2 to 4 nails

F014LT3 $359.00

F012LFU $119.00

F014LFU $155.00

5 to 10 nails

F014LT5 $650.00

F012LFU $$119.00

F014LFU $155.00

Please follow up with your health insurance funds for claiming of the laser treatments as not all health funds are covering these new treatments.

All statistics provided through independent ratified studies conducted prior to the ARC Laser being granted approval by the Therapeutic Good Administration and the FDA. If you have any further queries please contact your Podiatrist.