General Podiatry


Nearly all of us are lucky enough to have them. They grow constantly and many people over their time will have difficulty with them. Many of our general treatment clients come to PodMED Podiatry for help managing difficult toe nails, painful or ugly nails or simply for help having their feet and nails looking and feeling their best. A general treatment appointment is the way we do this. Clients book in for a treatment every 6-10 weeks and we do a thorough professional tidy up, clean, descale, cut, shape and buff of the nails to rejuvenate them. Not only are we able to manage the nail’s health and appearance but it feels fantastic and the nails look great afterwards too. Think of it like a professional treatment for your feet! Or in simple terms a Medical grade pedicure for your feet and nails. Our appointments are longer than the industry standards because we take great pride in the standards or our work and our great reputation for keeping even our most simple treatments at an industry topping standard. If you like to look after yourself, enjoy having feet and nails in excellent shape, want to look down and feel proud of how you look when your feet are on display AND want the best people to be taking care of you? Then PodMED Podiatry might be for you.

Callus and Corns:

Callus and Corns are common and annoying skin problems for your feet. The skin is a protective barrier and when we put too much pressure on the skin it tries to protect itself. And not always in a good way. A build-up of skin in a pressure spot actually causes MORE skin to layer up. It’s like a snow ball effect. The more the skin tries to protect itself the more pressure it creates. These pressure spots develop in the form of patches of hard and uncomfortable skin called Callous. Or in really hard painful stones called Corns. Neither of which is particularly pleasant. The good news is that they are really easy for a good Podiatrist to treat. Removal is quick and it takes less that 25mins to be feeling pain free and back up on your feet and ready to go. Be aware that the acid based products from the chemist to soften callous and corns are not advisable because they actually cause a bigger build-up of dead skin and can cause damage to your feet.

Kerryflex - Nail Restoration:

Kerryflex is used to restore and repair nails that have become damaged and unsightly. It is totally flexible and can looks just like a healthy toe nail. Not only does it offer an exceptional repair, but it can also be cut, filed and painted over. It is resistant to polish and will not be damaged by acetone. The Kerryflex nail lasts beautifully and will grow out as the nail plate grows. It can be preserved or reapplied with ease. It takes apx 20mins per nail plate.

Kerry Flex

Plantar Warts:

Cryotherapy is the use of nitrogen to freeze tissue. At my PodMED Podiatry we use a pressurized canister with a spray tip or contact probe to deliver the cryotherapy. The tip used depends on the size and location of the lesion being treated.