Podiatry Therapies

Podiatry Therapy specifically targets the FUNCTION of your feet and legs. This means all the joints, muscles, tendons, fascias, nerves…anything inside there. Whilst often missed or neglected, these structures can be repaired and optimised with HANDS ON therapy and home exercises.

A range of different techniques are used to optimize the function of these important foot and leg structures. These include mobilisation, manipulation, massage, dry needling, trigger point therapy, stretching, muscle activation and strength/balance training. As an APA trained manual therapist, Ed has spent years perfecting these techniques, learning from and working alongside leaders in the Podiatric manual therapy world.

Podiatry therapy can help treat a range of different conditions and complaints including joint pain/restriction, arthritis, tightness, tendinopathies, fasciopathies, ankle pain, walking instability and balance. It is also extremely effective for people wanting to boost their performance, whether involved in elite or recreational sports. Ed has worked with many of the country’s brightest sporting and dancing talents, but loves helping anyone thrive in living an active, happy lifestyle and achieve their goals.

So if you need help with exercise, are tired of feeling stiff and sore, struggling with the comfort of orthotics & shoes, or craving the extra edge with your sporting performance, come and visit Ed Murray at PodMED Podiatry.

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