Sports Podiatry

Our approach is to athletes is to completely rehabilitate the foot and restore function that is beyond the capabilities prior to injury. It is our aim to get you back out there in better condition than you were pre-injury. Helping runners, sports men & women and active individuals achieve their athletic goals is one of the most rewarding experiences for us as a sports Podiatry clinic. We strive to provide world-class care to athletes of all kinds, and we are consistently humbled by our patients’ achievements.

We have recently gone into partnership with the Running Room and opened a new Sports and Gait retraining facility in Zetland. An offering available to all PodMED Podiatry clients. We giving easy access to World Class movement and Running training previously ONLY available to Elite level athletes. We are the ONLY clinic in NSW with access to this incredible experience.

We have Podiatry and Physio on site and access to incredible user friendly technology, training and reporting. You don't need to be at an elite level to justify your desire to improve.

Do you have a desire to improve performance and enjoyment out of your sport. Do you want to know where the keys are hiding that will unlock the next levels. Gains are rewarding, inspiring and fun. We know what it feels like, we're the same. Imagine having our job. We spend all day giving active people access to new levels, they never knew they had. That's what keeps us going!

If you feel like there's more on the table for you or if there's something that's been holding you back? We all hear that little voice inside talking to us. If you are looking for a sign, this is it!

Pick up the phone and chat to our team. If you're unsure or full of questions, we love that. One of our Reception team of Practitioners would love to speak with you.