Gift your friend or family member with a FREE $60 voucher for their first visit to PodMED

Here at PodMED, our practice thrives off word-of-mouth referrals from our local GP's, specialists, allied health practitioners, and of course YOU, our wonderful existing clients! One of the finest compliments we can receive is being entrusted to care for your nearest and dearest and we love nothing more than meeting new clients through our existing clients.

After all, great people know other great people!

So, How Does It Work?

1. Your Podiatrist gifts you a $60 voucher to pass on to a friend to use at their initial consultation

2. Your friend presents this voucher at their initial consultation and saves $60!

3. As a small thank you, we will send you a $60 voucher to use at your next consultation with us

It's that easy...

You may be wondering... why are we doing this?
Commercial marketing is both time consuming and costly. Here at PodMED,
we view our clients as being a part of the PodMED family and we'd prefer to spend our marketing time and money giving back to our loyal clients and growing our family.

Book your next appointment or call now on (02) 93631876 to ask about our refer a friend offer.

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