Why Orthotic Check ups are so important


During your 20 minute orthotic check up appointment we will run through all your measurements, make any adjustments to keep you in alignment and do any maintenance & cleaning needed to keep your orthotic devices in the best alignment.

These 20 minute orthotic check ups are only $78 and is HICAPS (Private Health Insurance) rebatable on the spot.

Ensuring the accuracy of your orthotic devices helps to keep you free of foot pain/ deformity. It also allows your orthotic devices to continue having their positive impact on the alignment and health of your legs, kness, hips, low back and posture. Good alignment translates into efficiency of energy and load transfers and improved performance.


Changes in your activity levels Postural Shifts

General orthotic wear and tear Injuries

Child and Adolescent Growth Athletic vs. casual fashion footwear

Please consider orthotic maintenance and general wear and tear are a part of day-to- day life and will quickly and easily be managed by your Podiatrist. Your orthotic devices are made from the highest quality materials available worldwide that will not only last but allow for quick and easy adjustments to the orthotics you have. We like to check and adjust your orthotics every 12 months. It is a great way to keep your current devices in good shape and help you to stay on track.

So book today to see Sam, Rob and Anneliese

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